With universities, authorities and businesses we develop, test and implement innovations, new approaches and services related to flood risk and water resource management. More than 20% of our experts hold a PhD. In the Netherlands we support Dutch authorities with their water resource management activities. This wealth of Dutch experience is the foundation of our international activities. As an independent firm we are involved in IFI and EU funded projects, long term strategic assistance to governments, capacity building tracks, business to business, EU research and innovation programme H2020.  

Our services cover the following areas of expertise:

Risk and disaster management

When dealing with safety against flooding, we are confronted with questions like “how safe should it be?”, “how safe is it right now?” and “what can we do when disaster threatens or actually has occurred?”. These are complex questions for which we help to provide appropriate answers through the application of our knowledge and expertise in the areas of statistics, engineering, crisis management and decision making.

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Rivers, coasts and deltas

Where there is water, you will find people. Problems arise when there is either too much or too little water. With our knowledge and expertise in the areas of hydraulics, hydrology and morphology, we help to understand system behaviour and to identify optimal designs, layouts, and strategies to address a wide variety of water issues.

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Water and climate

Good water management is essential for the quality of our environment. Water pollution, occurrence of water shortages or opportunities for ecological development are heavily influenced by the layout of water systems. We assess the design as well as the daily operational management of water systems, with our in depth knowledge, expertise in numerical models and modern information technology. Climate change will further impact how to take care of water management.Good water management is essential to maintain a good quality of life. Issues to be addressed may be related to too much water or too little water, but also to regional planning and development, including watercourse restoration. Water management practices can also be significantly improved through the use of modern information technology.

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Products and services

24/7 availability of information, everywhere on any device has become standard in ICT practice in water management. Our apps, web services and tailor-made applications provide early warnings, present up to date information on water levels or inform on the status of structures to decision makers. Our services enable them to work more effective, and allow them to use real time data.

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