Knowledge development in major European collaborations inspire creativity and bring insight into problems and solutions from other European countries. We are a partner in the following FP7 and Horizon2020 research programs:

DRIVER+: DRiving InnoVation in crisis management for European Resilience. A study involving 37 parties from 15 European countries, all working on tools for crisis management and more mutual exchange and understanding for dealing with crises.

IMPREX: IMproving PRedictions and management of hydrological EXtremes. In the IMPREX project HKV develops a risk-based decision support tool for fresh water supply.

BRIGAID: BRIdging the GAp for Innovations in Disaster resilience. As lead authors, HKV and TU Delft coordinated the proposal with contributions of 24 partners from 12 countries. BRIGAID supports innovations that reduce the impacts of floods, droughts and extreme weather.

Recently completed FP7 projects include:

ENHANCE: in which 24 parties from 11 countries were working together to improve the resilience of societies to natural disasters.

eVACUATE: worked on improving the organisation and supervision of large-scale evacuations. The ideas were implemented and tested in four pilot projects: the evacuation of a football stadium, a cruise ship, a metro station and an airport.

SWITCH-ON: Sharing Water-related Information to Tackle Changes in the Hydro Sphere - for Operational Needs. In this project we were working with 15 partners on the important topic of ‘open data’.

Fortissimo: In cooperation with Deltares and SURFsara, a computing platform is developed to make Delft3D as a Service (DaaS) operational. Using this service, end users don’t have to install Delft3D themselves and/or buy separate hardware resources; they have quick, efficient, and flexible access to hardware resources for modelling and simulation with Delft3D. Example applications are high resolution simulations (application of large models) and ensemble simulation (lots of simulations with slightly different input each simulation, Monte Carlo Simulation).