Remote sensing data

Remote sensing dataSatellites constantly track the earth's surface to provide data on land use, water temperature, precipitation, evaporation and flooded areas, etc. We make remote sensing data available to water managers and we transform the data into useful information for water planning management and safety.

In addition to our expertise in creating tailor-made solutions, we also have the following remote sensing products available:

Global Flood Observatory (GFO)
We can analyse the flood risks for any client anywhere in the world based on time series of satellite images from more than 30 years of observations of flooding.

We can produce precipitation statistics anywhere in the world based on satellite observations. This allows us not only to improve flood forecasting in rural areas, but also to provide warnings for urban flooding. We have developed a real-time rainfall application with a high spatial and temporal resolution for Africa (

We supply the actual and potential evapotranspiration for the Netherlands on a daily basis for cells of 8x8m. We can identify areas with drought risk anywhere in the world.

We can monitor algal blooms in surface waters, anywhere in the world.