DashboardsWe can organise your information flow with our ‘Dashboard’ application. The Dashboard presents information in a convenient and organised way on one or more screens. The layout of the Dashboard is flexible; you can use the default display for general usage, but you are also free to organise your screen in any way you prefer.

The dashboard gives:

An actual overview of the management area
The most important information flows are brought together within one screen. This might, for example, include meteorological data, the latest news reports and actual water levels within the area.

Specific focus during a calamity
During a calamity or emergency, information changes quickly. Hence, it is important to be flexible in the choice of specific areas of interest and in the supply of information at different times during an emergency.

One screen for all information
Whether it is about waterlogging, droughts or water quality, the dashboard gives all the information at a single glance. In addition, the Dashboard can organise the information per specific area or field of interest on different screens.

The tool for information management
The information manager organises the data stream within his or her organisation and aims to provide everyone with the correct and necessary information. While the rest of your organisation checks the dashboard, the only thing you need to do is to connect new data resources to the dashboard and compose the standard displays.


Dashboard for managers
Dashboard is used by directors, communication managers and information managers to obtain a complete overview of a given situation. The dashboard gives not only information about the weather and water levels, but also an analysis of the current situation, the traffic conditions and all other information that may be needed during a crisis.

Dashboard for experts
The Dashboard compliments other expert systems like flood forecasting systems or national crisis management systems. Experts use the Dashboard for contextual information about the weather or to gain insights in the situation for other water managers. Crisis management systems usually only give information that has been uploaded by the emergency services themselves. The Dashboard therefore compliments such a crisis management system perfectly.

Dashboard for the information coordinator
Information coordinators or information managers use the Dashboard to streamline data sharing within their organisations.

Dashboard for you?
We will make sure that the Dashboard is installed on your system, is set up correctly and is properly connected with your data flows. We will guide you through the whole process. If required, arrangements may also be made to host the Dashboard on our server.