Hands-on training river morphology in Myanmar

Hands-on training river morphology in MyanmarFrom 5 to 7 December 2018 HKV gave a hands-on river morphology training to water professionals of government agencies and knowledge institutes in Myanmar. This course was part of the ‘Leapfrogging Delta Management in Myanmar’ program that was partly financed by Partners for Water.  

The course of HKV contained remote sensing exercises with Google Earth Engine (GEE). GEE is a preferable tool in Myanmar because it is freely available and contains a lot of information on river behaviour of the past 30 years. FutureWater and VanderSat also gave part of the curriculum of this training. They have focused on rainfall monitoring and soil moisture processing. 

In the river morphology training HKV focused on the morphodynamics of the Ayeyarwady river around Nyaungdon. The participants learned about meandering river morphology and found differences in river behaviour of the Ayeyarwady river around Nyaungdon. We looked into the possible causes of this also by using geospatial datasets available in Google Earth Engine.

The take home message was that satellite images are a good starting point for analysis of river behaviour. However, you will need measurements of discharges, sediment and water levels to get a complete overview of what is happening.

11 December 2018

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