BRIGAIDHKV Consultants participates in the recently awarded Horizon2020 project BRIGAID: bridging the gap for innovations in disaster resilience. As lead authors, HKV and TU Delft coordinated the proposal with contributions of 24 partners from 12 countries.  

BRIGAID supports innovations that reduce the impacts of floods, droughts and extreme weather. The primary focus is to turn already existing prototypes into market-ready products. This is not only done by actually improving innovations, but also by developing methods to assess their effectiveness and make innovations fit with organizational needs of end-users. The project covers technical as well as non-technical and eco-systems based innovations. Early involvement of end users is key to successful innovation.

In the Netherlands, BRIGAID hosts demonstration events in Flood Proof Holland, organizes Innovation Conferences and establishes Communities of Innovation. These events provide networking opportunities for innovators, investors and end users.

Moreover, BRIGAID welcomes innovators from outside the project to participate. As a unique and innovative element, micro-funding of innovations is available for testing and improvements of these innovations.  

BRIGAID enjoyed a splendid kick-off on May 12 & 13 at TU Delft. We look forward to a challenging but inspiring four years of innovation!

Are you interested in whether BRIGAID’s innovations contribute to the safety of your area or property? Are you an innovator yourself and want to be part of BRIGAID? Contact us!

23 May 2016

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